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Tuesday, 19 April 2005

What’s the Deal with Crossover Appeal?

Multimedia is the keyword.  Whether you are a writer, producer or financier – the property that you are so passionate about must translate into multimedia. Particularly for children’s programming, books remain the primary source for material.  Just look at the spell Harry Potter cast that turned into a multi-billion dollar franchise!

Of course, there is no formula for success.  Every property has the potential to be a hit or miss as so many factors must come into play i.e. marketing.  Still, there are some key ingredients that when present, the characters have a better chance of walking off of the page and onto the TV screen, across the big screen and into a Happy Meal near you.

Wondering if your property has crossover appeal?  Interested in titles to watch for in 2005?  Check out the Kids Publishing Report “Leaping off the Page” in the publication Kidscreen or visit the website at www.kidscreen.com.

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