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Friday, 15 April 2005

Welcome to Penthouse 10

Hi there and welcome to Penthouse 10 – Yes, NATPE is keeping up with the times and offering you a Blog! Everyone here on the staff agreed that the more ways we open the lines of communication between you and us the more opportunities we’ll have to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed in the global TV biz. So check back often, take a look at what your colleagues, partners, potential clients and competitors are thinking and jump into the conversation whenever you’d like! But (isn’t there always a but…), we ask for one favor, please keep in mind these following rules of etiquette as you participate.

1.) No sales copy. This is not the place to list the programs and products you have for sale. Currently if you were a NATPE ’05 exhibitor your program and product listings can be found on the NATPE web site as part of the Exhibitor List. If you weren’t an exhibitor right now we don’t have a mechanism for listing your products but you can certainly make sure that all your contact info is correct by logging in and checking your user profile.

2.) No dissing! This is not the place to say something negative about a competitor. Certainly we want your opinion and we want you to be open and honest but let’s keep it civil.

That’s it just two requests. If you follow these “rules” your comments will always be welcome. If you don’t then your comments will be deleted. Simple as that.

Have fun…stop by often…and let’s us know what you think.

Happy Blogging from BB and the crew at Penthouse 10.

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