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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Ice Is Thawing in Hell's Kitchen

This afternoon, the chef once dubiously featured on the TV show Britain's Unbearable Bosses isn't quite living up to his title. Gordon Ramsay โ€” who's notorious for demoralizing his kitchen staff and was even arrested in 1999 for allegedly beating up his pastry chef (the charges were dropped) โ€” briskly strides onto the L.A. set of his Fox series Hell's Kitchen (Mondays at 9 p.m.) as if he were a cheery Londoner on holiday. While servers and assistants scurry about the soundstage, anxiously prepping for tonight's taping of the reality cooking show, Ramsay calmly sips a mug of hot, milky tea and enthusiastically holds forth on such topics as restaurants in L.A., Napa Valley wines, and California sunshine. ''Malibu is like Aix-en-Provence,'' the well-tanned, 40-year-old Scot gushes. ''Next year I'm going to bring the kids over and get a tutor. I love it.''

The read more on Ramsay's change, click here!

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